Biggest Loser “26” Week Three Results

Biggest Loser “26” Week Three is in the books, but it definitely had some bumps. Usually we’ll see a few plateau’s and struggles around Week Four or Five, but those problems seemed to come a little earlier this time. The other unusual thing was that it was so wide-spread. 

I mean, almost everyone had trouble. Even the losers (and I mean that in a good way) had trouble losing. The top three lost weight, but they didn’t lose much. Typically, it takes around two and a half to three pounds to finish in the top three. This time, the Biggest Loser lost just 1.8 lbs, and second and third place yielded just 0.8 lbs. 

Frankly, I’ve never seen this, in 25 other Biggest Losers, where the majority of people gained weight, or had such small losses. So I was kind of at a loss to tell them why. But I did have a couple of theories (which guy doesn’t?).

Sometimes, a woman’s cycle can adversely affect weight loss. Water is retained, and weight can actually increase. A week later, that water disappears, and so do the pounds. Then they can get back to the business of weight loss again. I guess we’ll know next week. But this doesn’t explain why the guys had such small losses. 

The other theory I have is related to their workouts. This group has been making most, if not all of the boot camps, and I’ve personally seen them really busting it on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s. 

But there’s a thing called the “training effect” that occurs when you’re working hard. The exercise is tough at first, but your body quickly adapts by getting stronger. Your muscles can soon lift heavier weights, or lift the same weights more times. Your heart and lungs can uptake and deliver more oxygen to the body during the exercise, allowing you go faster, or longer. 

The problem is that people continue to do the same things, the same way, even after the adaptation occurs. They’re stronger and more fit, so they could do more, but they don’t. They either don’t think of it, or they’re just comfortable with the way they’re working out. Unfortunately, comfortable doesn’t burn more calories. In fact, it often burns less!

You see, if it gets easier to do something, you don’t have to work as hard doing it. Since you’re not working as hard as you did just a week or two ago, you’ll burn fewer calories than you did before. Fewer calories means less weight loss over the course of the week. 

So the recommendation there is to turn it up. If it gets easier, start doing more reps. Or grab the next heavier weight. Or try to take fewer rest breaks. One thing we looked at was having them start walk/run/walking on their Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday’s.

For example, if they’re walking for 30 minutes each day, on Tuesdays, they can go uphill every three minutes or so. On Thursdays, they can try jogging a minute and then walking two. Then on Saturdays they can go their normal pace, but go for twice as long, say 60 minutes. We’ll see how that goes, next week. 

Our Week Three Biggest Loser was Ryan Carroll, who lost 1.8 lbs. Jaylee Wilson finished second, and Kevin Moore was third, both losing 0.8 lbs. 

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