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Biggest Loser “26” Launches This Week

After a long summer break, we launched Biggest Loser “26” last Monday night. The first is always kind of an introductory week, with the initial weigh-in and a little exposure to our Boot Camp workouts. 

O.K., it was more than just a little exposure. It was pretty much a full-fledged, bring-it-on, jump-in-with-both-feet-in-the-water kind of introduction! 

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different approaches. We’ve eased into it, which may be best if you have physical issues, or have been really inactive. We’ve also set the program up in stages, where each week the group works a little harder and does a little more. 

The problem with both of these approaches is that they take time to get tangible results. People tend to get discouraged if they don’t see significant progress early. But if they drop out too soon, they never give themselves a chance to succeed. It’s a catch-22. 

So I’ve kind of defaulted to the third approach, where you just jump in with both feet. It yields the quickest results, and certainly gets people in the right mindset. Here we go!

We did this Monday night. They jumped right into Boot Camp with the regulars. They knew they could 1) go a little easier, 2) stop when they needed to, 3) use lighter weights, and 4) do just three rounds instead of four. But they all made it just fine. When I quizzed them, they were all surprised that they were able to make it. Here’s the workout they did:

1) Dumbbell (DB) Press on the Stability Ball

2) Body Squats on a BOSU trainer

3) Alternating DB Curls

4) Mixed AB routine

5) Alternating Kettle Bell (KB) swings

6) Battle Rope

7) Pull-ups

(:45 sec on, :15 sec to rotate)

4 rounds

They may have to deal with some soreness today (36-48 hours after the first workout), but it shouldn’t be too bad. Ok, it might be bad. But that’s life. The best thing to do will be to get moving around, using those sore muscles. It will pass, and probably won’t ever be that bad again. 

They all weighed in, and got an initial calorie goal too. They downloaded the free MyFitnessPal app so they can start tracking their calories. We also set up their workout schedule: Boot Camps on M/W/F, Cardio workouts on T/TH/SA, and a bonus walk first thing every morning if they have time. 

The group was also encouraged to take “before” pictures, front and side, in tight-fitting briefs and sports bras (just briefs for the guys). Those pictures will provide them with lots of motivation, especially if the scale hasn’t caught up yet.

There’s still time to participate in this group. If you want to join us, let me know as soon as possible. I’ll give you another update next week!