Biggest Loser “25” Week Six

We wrapped up Week Six of Biggest Loser “25” last Monday night, and they entered into the home stretch this week. For those who’ve stayed the course, some interesting things have happened. 

Some experts say it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit. That’s certainly a good start, but I’m not sure it’s enough to overcome years of conditioning. It can take a year or two to really sink in a new habit!

But this group has now passed the six week mark. That’s 42 days, which is twice the minimum the experts recommend. So if 21 days are good, 42 has to be even better!

Weight loss aside, what’s important is that they’re empowering themselves to stay the course. And we can’t kid ourselves; this is a long term project. The fix isn’t quick and it isn’t easy; it takes work, and it takes time. 

There are some things that you can do to jumpstart the process, like the Boot Camp workouts and extra walks every day. Some people also benefit from high quality nutritional supplements to help them control appetite, and have more energy. 

In the end, it comes down to what you do, how long you do it, and how consistent you are along the way. You have to eat right and exercise smart the rest of your life.

Some people planning on doing that include our Week Six Biggest Losers: Kara Stribling won 1st place (again), losing 4.1 lbs and 2.7% of her body weight. Dawn Lewsader and Sasha Robinson tied for 2nd, losing 2.5% of their body weight, and 7.4 and 4.8 lbs. 

Biggest Loser “25” wraps up next week, but we’re going to launch a special 4-Week Biggest Loser the following week on Monday, July 27th. We’ll start with the Boot Camp Workouts at 5:30, and do the initial weigh-in after the workout.

This time I’m going to give people a chance to do the four weeks free, if they start a cleanse and 24 day challenge at the same time. I want to see how much difference it makes if they support the activity with proper nutrition too. 

And for the people doing the cleanse and 24 day challenge, I want to see how much difference it makes if they get great support on the activity side. August should be a great month for some people. Next week, I’ll have the final results for Biggest Loser “25!”

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