Biggest Loser “25” Week Four

We just finished Week Four of Biggest Loser “25” with some notable results. The first and most obvious thing was that the remaining participants now have four weeks under their belt. 

This means its more likely that these changes will become a habit. Many experts believe it takes at least 21 days to build a new habit, so our people have built up an extra week of savings in their habit account, so to speak. 

Personally, I think it takes much longer. We can spend years building bad habits. It should be no surprise that it’s going to take some time to reprogram changes that will last. 

Still, we have lost a few due to various reasons, but only a few. Now that’s kind of surprising. Statistically, only half the people starting a program finish. You try to look at the glass half-full, and serve the ones that stick, but I have to say that I get disappointed when people slip away. 

If there were just two things that I could somehow get across, here’s what they’d be:

1. Just… Get… Started. 

Nothing changes until you do. You’ve got to make a decision to get started, and then you have to actually… START. Stick your big toe in the water. Your foot will follow. 

It’s fine to wish and dream, and even have a plan, but at some point, you’ve got to take action. You can aim an arrow all day, but to hit something, you have to let the arrow fly. Do something!

2. Don’t… Quit. 

If you’ve started, but are struggling now, I know it’s hard. But keep on keeping on. Keep trying. Don’t quit. Whatever’s going on, don’t you stop. Don’t you dare stop. Run the race. Keep on going. Come on!!! You can DO it!

Not only do you have to stick it out to see the results, but sometimes those results are just around the corner! What if you quit the very day before everything comes together?

We have several people that were disappointed during the first two weeks. They had to sit there and take it, while watching other people get after it. That’s tough, I know. 

But suddenly, things clicked for them. Now they’ve had their own two good weeks. They’re on a roll. The learning curve is over. Now all they have to do is keep on doing it. Overnight successes are never made overnight.&nbsp

Some people who keep on dong it are our Week Four Biggest Losers. Kara Stribling climbed back to 1st place, after a slow one last week. She lost 2.5 lbs and 1.6% of her body weight to bring her one month total to 13.0 lbs. Natasha Cash had another good week, placing 2nd with 2.0 lbs and 1.3%. Dawn Lewsader and Sasha Robinson tied for 3rd, losing 1.2% and 3.8 and 2.4 lbs respectively. 

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