Biggest Loser “25” Week Three

We finished Week Three of Biggest Losers Monday night, and the first thing I noticed was that only one person had a very slight gain. Everyone else lost weight. This was a really good development. 

It’s actually pretty normal for some to gain a little, although it’s usually only a few people each time. There are always ups and down in weight loss. The trick is to have more downs than ups. 

Some reason for gains include illness, inactivity, a bad week with food, going on vacation, and even water retention due to monthly cycles. Often, it’s a combination, but sometimes it’s just a mystery. 

When this happens, you have to: 1) not get discouraged, and 2) buckle down and get refocused. Sometimes, you need to 3) redouble your efforts, cranking it up a notch. 

So this week, there was only one slight “gainer” (+0.2 lbs). Just one, and that one was essentially a no change. At this point, that’s excellent. It means they’re getting used to their new routine, and their bodies are finally responding. 

Remember, not everyone’s a weight loss “rock star.” Sometimes it takes a little while to get things going. If this is you, that’s alright; you can still get there. You just have to give yourself a chance to succeed. 

Even if you don’t see the numbers that others are getting, you should always look at the big picture. That is, how do you feel, and how do your clothes fit? Then we can take a look at the scale. 

By the time you’ve got three weeks in, things are usually getting easier, and you’re feeling better with lots more energy. This is good, because you’re building the engine that’s going to help you lose weight. So stay with it! 

Sometimes it doesn’t show up on the scale for awhile, but your clothes start showing it. Belt lines get looser, shirts and pants are more comfortable. This is great! Keep at it. The scale’s important but it’s not everything. 

Finally, if you’re doing everything right and STILL aren’t seeing any weight loss, or maybe even had a slight gain, it still might not be cause for concern. Really? It’s ok? Yes, really. 

I’ve learned not to get too excited about gains or losses in any one week. It can go down some, up a little, then down some more, so it’s really the trend that matters. If it’s more down than up, you’re getting there. Be happy. 

Having said all that, I’d like to point out that two of our top people in Week 1 & 2 were near the bottom this time. For Week 3, they had only a small loss and a tiny gain, respectively. But if you look at their totals, they’re rocking the house! 

It’s the trend that matters. My guess is next week they’ll get their mojo back. If not, then there might be a trend to consider. But not now. Not yet. 

Our Week Three Biggest Loser was Julie Wieland, who lost 4.1 lbs and 2.0% of her body weight. Sasha Robinson placed second, losing 3.2 lbs and 1.6%. Natasha Cash was third, losing 2.2 lbs and 1.4%.

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