Biggest Loser “25” Week Two Results

Our Biggest Losers finished Week Two with marked improvement last Monday night. 

While we had a few people with great results the first week, there were more some that hadn’t seen it yet. This week, more people moved up into the loss column. 

This is always an issue. People are different and so are their bodies. Two might do the same work all week, but their bodies react differently. So the keys are learning how to stay patient and stay focused. You can’t over-react. 

All too often, people will quit after just a week or two if they’re not getting the same results as the top losers. Some find it harder than they expected, or too time consuming. Others aren’t committed, so it’s easy for them to let it go. 

In the end, a goal this big and personal, requires an equally big commitment. You have to have a big reason “why.” This reason “why” has to be bigger than all your reasons “why not to.” 

If you have a big enough “why” you’ll be able to overcome all the little setbacks, including a rocky start. That’s important, because success is often right around the corner. Sometimes it’s just a day or two away. For others, it might be a week or two, but it’s coming. 

When it gets here, you’ve got to be here ready and waiting for it. But if you check out before it shows up, it never shows up at all. You’ve got to hang in there long enough to see it through. I call it “winning through stamina.” You simply outlast ’em! 

Sometimes, that’s really the whole deal. You simply, stubbornly, outlast ’em. You outlast the people that say you can’t do it. You outlast the obstacles that come up in your way. You outlast all the negative thoughts where you think you can’t do it. And you outlast your own disappointments too. 

In weight loss as in life, sorrow and weeping may last for the night, but “joy comes in the morning” (Psalms 30:5). You’ve just got to give yourself the chance to find it. 

Our Week Two Winners were able to find some of that joy. Kara Stribling won again, losing 4.9 lbs and 3.0% of her body weight. Amy Devillez took second place again, by losing 3.4 lbs and 2.0%. Krista Krabel finished third with 3.7 lbs and 1.6%. 

But many others lost at least half a pound, and five others lost at least a pound or more. We’re making progress, so keep it up. Joy comes in the morning!

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