Biggest Loser “25” Now Under Way!

After a two month break, we launched Biggest Loser “25” last Monday night. That’s right, it’s our 25th anniversary! Of course we’ve squeezed em all into just the last ten years or so.

It looks like this is going to be an interesting group. For the first time ever, it’s all women; no men at all (at least so far). Ladies usually far outnumber the guys, but we’ve always had at least a couple. What’s up with that guys?

This time around, we also made the Boot Camp Workouts the primary tool for training the Biggest Losers. I tested it in the Spring and made it official with this group. This will give me more chances to interact with them all each week, and it will let me push them more, too.

So we started everyone in first thing with Boot Camp. While most of them were nervous, and questioned whether they even could do a Boot Camp workout, everyone not only finished, but finished well. They all did five rounds of seven different exercises:

• Dumbbell (DB) Chest Press on Ball
• Alternating DB Curls
• Box Jumps
• Kettle-bell Swings
• AB Routine #1-5*
• Battle Rope
• Ball Smackdowns

Each person worked at a station for :45 and then had :15 to rotate. At the end of every 7 minute round, we took a one minute rest for a drink. Later, we’ll eliminate that rest period.

I gave them ways of modifying the exercises if necessary, and they were able to do everything at their own pace. They also used lighter weights to get a feel for the movements. Then, if they felt like it, they could increase the weights or the number of repetitions in each segment.

I asked them to try and hang in for at least 3 rounds, but everyone kept going for all 5 rounds with our Boot Camp regulars! So it was a total of 35 minutes of workout time, and right at 40 minutes with the rest breaks.

The regulars were a big help, offering lots of encouragement, and advice about technique. They also serve as inspiration, as they’re able to blast through the workouts pretty well.

I’ll change up the workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for seven weeks, so they’ll never know what to expect. That will keep it fresh and interesting, and also give them lots of workout tools to use down the road.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I’ll post a suggested cardio workout too. Of course, they’re free to do whatever kind of cardio they want to do. I’ll also teach them how to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and mixed cardio workouts along the way.

I told them about doing one of our “secret weapons” called “Bonus Workouts” at the other end of their day. These can be as simple as walking 20 minutes (a mile) in the morning or on their lunch hour. The people who also do this usually double their weight loss!

Experts say it takes 10,000 steps a day to lose weight, which is about five miles. But if someone is already doing that (and not changing), it’s going to take more. For best results, make 10,000 steps your daily minimum, hit 15,000 whenever you can, and try to get to 20,000 steps at least once a week.

So they’re off and running, so to speak. We did an initial weigh-in to have something to compare to when they finish Week One next Monday night. They also downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and will start tracking their calories this week. Their main goals are to get moving and to know how MUCH they’re eating.

By the way, it’s not too late to join in with the group if you like. If this is you, contact me right away. For people wanting to follow along at home, I’ll be posting everything on our Tom’s Fitness Facebook page. Next week we’ll look at WHAT they should be eating.

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